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Sitting The Moon 坐月子
Traditional Chinese Postpartum Meals

Have Nourishing Yuo Yue Zi Meals Delivered to Your Home

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What is Zuo Yue Zi?

In Chinese Zuo Yue Zi translates to 'sitting the moon' or 'sitting the month'. This special time is characterised by 40 days of total rest with a heavy focus on a TCM diet. This allows for the birthing mother to rest and replenish her strength, while laying the foundation of her health as mother and care giver.

Why Zuo Yue Zi is crucial in postpartum recovery?

Adequate postpartum care is essential for establishing a strong foundation of well-being for both the mother and the newborn, and it can also contribute to promoting healthy pregnancies in the future. Additionally, it is suggested that Zuo Yue Zi practices may facilitate a smoother transition into menopause in later life.

Viewed through the lens of Chinese medicine, Zuo Yue Zi plays a pivotal role in the recuperation of mothers after childbirth. The process of giving birth demands a significant expenditure of energy, leading to an imbalance in yin, yang, qi, and blood within the body. As a result of this energy expenditure and the decline in yang, mothers become susceptible to the intrusion of cold and wind, which could potentially lead to illnesses or even chronic health conditions.

Rules of Zuo Yue Zi

Zuo Yue Zi is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to protect the new mother and prevent illness. During the 40 days it’s crucial for the mother to prioritise rest, do no housework, limit visitors, stay warm, minimise time spent outside and focus on a nourishing diet that replenishes and harmonises.

How you can implement Zuo Yue Zi in your postpartum journey

Zuo Yue Zi remains a contemporary practice in China. Traditionally, a designated caregiver, often an aunt or mother, would reside with the new parents. Their role involved preparing meals, handling household chores, and supporting the new parents, allowing them to rest and nurture their connection with their newborn. Adapting these customs to modern postpartum life can be challenging, leading many women to seek the assistance of Traditional Chinese Medicine and incorporate Chinese postpartum meal delivery as a viable alternative.

TCM Food during Zuo Yue Zi

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the practice of "doing the month," with a meticulous selection of ingredients and herbs chosen for their capacity to generate warmth, enhance blood production, and fortify both qi and yang. The meals enjoyed during this period are consistently rich in nutrients, meticulously slow-cooked, energetically warming, and designed for effortless digestion. The aim is to replenish the blood, qi, and yang that are depleted during childbirth while gently addressing any imbalances. It is advisable to steer clear of raw and cold foods and beverages during this period, as they can be challenging to digest and further deplete the energy reserves of the already vulnerable mother.

Zuo Yue Zi Meals Delivered

The purpose of these meals is to bring nourishment and healing through specific postpartum cuisine that embodies the comforting taste of homemade meals.

The recipes used for Zuo Yue Zi have deep-rooted traditions across Asia, meticulously designed to support mothers in their recovery during the postpartum phase. My menu presents a blend of traditional Chinese Hakka and Cantonese home-cooked styles, focusing on the three phases of postpartum; Phase 1: Purging, Cleansing & Strengthening, Phase 2: Nourishing and Phase 3: Restoring.


Each week you get to choose choose five different nourishing postpartum dishes from my extensive collection of recipes. Each dish is 3 servings, so 15 servings for the week. Additionally, your package can include Red Date Tea, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) beverage specifically designed for the postpartum period, which should be enjoyed daily.




1 Week

You will be nourished with 15 meals a week

(1x 1L jar = 3 meals per jar) so 5 jars a week.



If you are wanting less I can do 3 dishes, 4 serves each for $245


If you are not postpartum so do not need TCM herbs I can do 3 dishes, 4 serves each for $180

Optional Add - 500g Red Date Tea


Sitting The Moon Full Month Package

4 Weeks of 15 meals a week

(1x 1L jar = 3 large meals per jar) so 5 jars a week.


**Please read note below re ONCE OFF charge for your jars.


The meals can be customised to suit your dietary needs. All the recipes I use are dairy free. Some contain gluten in the form of soy sauce. If you are intolerant I can use Tamari.

I have a large selection of nourishing recipes that you can choose from.


I use certified organic ingredients where possible. All meals are packaged in re-usable glass jars. There is a $20 delivery fee to local Gold Coast area.

The meals are delivered in glass jars which I ask to be returned every week so I can continue to re use the jars and avoid creating landfill. **Please note, so I can maintain sustainability and reduce my environmental footprint a $20 once off charge is applied meals to cover the cost of the jars. This will be discounted off your last invoice.


**Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians

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