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I am writing a freebirth book! It won’t be a ‘how to freebirth’ book, but a collection of freebirth stories from women in their own words. I am putting the call out to all women who have free birthed in Australia.

I think it’s important for women to pass down our knowledge and experiences through story telling. This was always our way and we must reclaim it.

When I was pregnant with my second child, Ziggy, I read Ina May Gaskins Guide to Childbirth. The first half of the book is birth stories and the second half is the physiology of birth. I knew the mechanics of births, because I had already birthed my daughter. So I wasn’t interested in reading about it. I was only interested in the stories. I learned so much more from the different stories, all with their uniqueness, than I did from reading about the mechanics of birth..

Attending freebirths as a birth keeper, I have learned so much from each one. Taking the knowledge from each birth to the next. Passing on mother to mother. Also receiving and remembering knowledge from Spirit and my ancestors.

So I would like to create a modern, Australian book of freebirth stories. It will be a mix of births I’ve supported and others from around the country.  To pass on knowledge of birth wild and free. Of all the different variations of normal that happen in physiological birth.


Please include as much detail as you can, what might seem like an unimportant detail to you, could be a vital piece of information to someone else.

So if you would like your story included please email it to me at

Photos from your birth can be included with your story if you are also happy to share.

Thank you💗


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