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This is a combination of adaptogenic herbs which help one cope with and adapt to stress.  It’s used for adrenal and nervous exhaustion, mental exhaustion, for those who are under chronic stress, and for those who are anxious, nervous, depressed and burned out.  It helps decrease fatigue, helps to increase energy and vitality, helps increase brain efficiency, memory,  physical vitality, mental vitality and helps to increase feelings of well-being. 


Please note:  For some people, it can stimulate the immune system which for most people can be a helpful thing, but not by those with autoimmune disease as it can cause a spike in antibodies. We do not recommend use of this product for those with autoimmune issues.


As this product is a nutritive that feeds and nourishes the adrenals, it does take time to kick in, therefore, using it each and every day (like you would a multi-vitamin) and using it over an extended period of time is recommended for best results. 


NOTE:  NOT for use by those who are pregnant, by those with high blood pressure, or by those with auto-immune disease.  Ok for breastfeeding.

Adrenal Tonic Tincture

$29.95 Regular Price
$15.57Sale Price
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