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Goddess Gaia

Centres on the Base chakra, Clear Space spray mist helps to open up to the presence of now, transforming stuck energy that belongs to another time, situation or the energy of powerful emotions.



  • Clears stagnant energy in a place, space, group or individual


Healing Outcomes:

  • Resonates with the Base chakra and opens you to the presence of NOW.

Clear Space Spray Mist

  • Chakra: Base Chakra

    Clear Space spray mist resonates with the energy of Gaia, the Earth Mother Goddess whose nurturance and loving embrace allows you to be safely in the present. Through the seasonal cycles and the natural elements the Earth abounds with energy-cleansing strategies to recycle and rebirth.

    Formulated to freshen and enliven a space, especially the dark corners of a room or house where the energy has become stagnant. Spraying Clear Space creates a sacred area wherever you are. Each Goddess Spray Mist contains a blend of carefully selected HeartRadiance Flower Essences, Sacred Earth Crystal Essences, organic essential oils and pure Australian spring water. Each of these mists resonates with one of the seven major chakras, working deeply in the body and mind to restore harmony and balance in whatever circumstance is required at the time.

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