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Goddess Tara


Crisis Calm spray mist resonates with the Third chakra and can be used in all kinds of emergencies to calm, reassure, centre and ground.



  • For all situations where emotional upset, shock, fear or overwhelm are present


Healing Outcomes:

  • Calm and reassurance

  • Acts quickly on humans (individual or a group), plants and animals alike bringing a stressful situation back into control

Crisis Calm Spray Mist

  • Goddess: Tara

    Chakra: Third

    Be the calm at the centre of the storm when everything around you is in chaos. Assist others in the midst of turmoil to feel centred and capable, increasing the chances of riding the storm unscathed. The beauty of Crisis Calm spray mist is that it can be used for children, babies, animals and plants without the need to take orally. Simply spraying in the surrounding environment will resolve a tantrum, pacify uncontrolled crying, assist the wounded and revive a flagging life force. This spray mist is a must in any parent’s toolkit and for anyone who needs a 'rescue'.

    Tara is filled with youthful vigour and is the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess of activity. She is a saviour-goddess of compassion. Tara is known to act quickly to help all those who call on her in distress.

    Each Goddess Spray Mist contains a blend of carefully selected HeartRadiance Flower Essences, Sacred Earth Crystal Essences, organic essential oils and pure Australian spring water. Each of these mists resonates with one of the seven major chakras, working deeply in the body and mind to restore harmony and balance in whatever circumstance is required at the time.

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