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Grounded Beginnings Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation cards are a carefully designed and curated deck of 24 cards, created in collaboration with Australian Artist, Amy Soulfire.


The cards have been thoughtfully and lovingly created taking into consideration many aspects and elements of the journey from pregnancy through to birth and motherhood.

Not only are these cards an incredibly empowering way for mamas-to-be to prepare for the labour and birth they desire, they aim to deeply connect women with their intuition, power and sacred birthing wisdom through the use of White Light Essences.


White Light Essences were created by Ian White, a 5th generation Australian herbalist, from special high-energy, spiritual locations around the world. They help to connect, embody and master that element while also aligning to the Nature Spirit of each particular Element.The 7 White Light Essences include Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Higher Self, Devic & Angelic, all of which have been lovingly infused in our designs via paint in the original art - all serving a purpose in amplifying the power of affirmations and deepening the connection to each element.


The intention of the cards is to empower and activate deep soul rememberence for birthing women, giving them a deeper connection to their primal selves.  Expanding awareness and embodiment practices during this sacred time through words, imagery and the healing benefits of White Light Essences.

The cards are 100% Australian designed, manufactured and packaged in environmentally friendly organic cotton drawstring bags.

Grounded Beginnings Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation Cards

$44.95 Regular Price
$33.71Sale Price
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