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Soothing Solutions for Kids and Parents


Radiant Childhood pack contains best-selling blends for kids and grown-ups - bringing harmony and balance to the home, support for those long days and the fast years, and much needed calm for all crises!


These essences are ready-to-use and can be taken daily, or as needed for some much needed relief.


Pack Contains:

  • ‘Childhood’ 30ml - dose

  • ‘Gift of Time’ 30ml - dose

  • ‘Crisis Calm’ 30ml - dose

Radiant Childhood - 3 Pack

  • This pack is suitable for any age. Great when kids and parents take them together.

    Helpful blends to support the most bustling household. These solutions will bring the balance into your home - up the fun and playfulness, dial down the stress and get back a bit more of your precious time as you all access the present moment and enjoy these precious years.

    Childhood - Supports harmony in the growing family and sibling rivalry. Energetically balances child’s development, through all transitional phases. Opens the parenting heart to understand the child’s developmental milestones, dissolves conflict replacing it with loving kindness.

    Gift of Time - Stress less about busy-ness. Assists you to suit your timing rather than rushing to fit in with others. Releases fears about time and life passing too quickly. Accesses the present moment.

    Crisis Calm - Use in all trauma, shock, stress, emergency or crisis situations - emotional, psychological or physical to support you relaxing into, managing the situation and/or adapting to changing circumstances. Helpful for childhood tantrums and soothing ouchies.

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