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Blessings for bringing your little one earthside


Radiant Pregnancy pack contains best-selling blends for expectant parents - providing energetic support for pregnancy, birth and recovery.

These essences are ready-to-use and can be taken daily, or as needed for divine support for both you and bub.


Pack Contains:

  • ‘Pregnancy Support’ 30ml - dose

  • ‘Blessed Birthing’ 30ml - dose

  • ‘Birthing Recovery’ 30ml - dose

Radiant Pregnancy - 3 Pack

  • This pack is suitable for pregnancy, use during the different phases. Helpful when both expectant parents use together.

    Helpful blends to support the sacred time of pregnancy and birth. These solutions will bring energetic support not only to expectant parents, but also to baby. Tune to the divine partnership of parenthood, support baby growing gracefully, support adaptability and confidence in birthing ability, kindle bonding and energetic recovery after birth.

    Pregnancy Support - Supports growing baby gracefully through the swift and profound changes of pregnancy that can create an emotional roller-coaster. Supports emotional and mental wellness in both parents. Eases fear of impending birth.

    Blessed Birthing - Supports you feeling confident in your body’s ability to birth safely and naturally. Helps parents enter into the birthing process as a sacred journey. Assists in adapting the birth plan with ease, if required. Bolsters against negative stories around birthing.

    Birthing Recovery - Supports recovery of parents and baby following caesarean or difficult birth. Assists in kindling bond attachment especially when separated at birth. Helps to rebalance you emotionally following negative outcomes.

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