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Guardians of the Nest


An Online Workshop with Sunni Karll


Author of Sacred Birthing: Birthing a New Humanity

A Birth Keeper: One who finds herself in the majesty of birth

Guardians of the Nest is a birthshop for experienced Doulas & Birth Keepers who support Sacred Birthing parents at the birth of their Magnificent Souls.

In situations of transformation, the incoming consciousness is high, and Grand energies present when we are able to stand tall and receive them. But many of us fall asleep and the energy collapses. The birth goes astray.

In a birth of this nature, you have an opportunity to open to your core and stand strong in the midst of celestial energy. This is a radical stance that demands that you find inner strength to match.

Your own inner revelations, in this birthshop and before each birth, attract outer coherence, so that the baby’s quintessence can be embodied at birth. With this and the inner devotion of the parents, the baby’s consciousness is held supremely, meshing soul with body.

It's important to teach what I know, that This birth is flowing just right and all is safe and well.  So many births get sidetracked by someone's fear and end up in the hospital when it's not needed.  How do you know the difference between this fear, and a mom's or baby's true need? 

How can we, as birth keepers, BE a presence that supports parents without a word, allowing them their inner knowing?  This is a place of no ego.  In a hospital birth, we are an advocate in order to uphold parents' wishes.  At an unassisted birth, we are following Nature's lead.  Some Doulas can work this way but it's not for everyone. 

A Doula's major work is in pregnancy, which means having many more sessions with both parents than is typical.   It's how you gain trust and earn your fee, along with receiving a great recommendation where parents say, "You were SO worth it!"

What keeps birth safe?  Working between the worlds includes "the midwives on the other side."   Your ability to hold space in its purity, and, your invitation to Nature and Spirit allows the baby to retain his/her vast consciousness, and be born without fear. 

Guardians of the Nest is offered for Doulas to do this holy work.

The workshop will be held over Zoom in six 90minute sessions, most likely in July.

If you are interested in attending please email me your interest so I can send updates.

A minimum of 10 attendees are required for the workshop to go ahead.


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