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"Birth is the essence of evolution. The gift of a sacred birth fosters peace in our babies, our self, our community and our sacred planet."
sacred birth keeper
My Philosophy

"Birth can be seen in its wholeness only when a spiritual perspective is included. By realigning birth with consciousness, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a newborn remain in sync.


Babies conceived in love, need birthing practices that reflect that love, practices that protect the integrity of a newborn. The babies asking to be born now are radiant light bearers who call for a harmless paradigm of birth.

Taking delicate care at birth protects the innate radiance of each baby. It is a baby’s soul choice to be born consciously, and also our reception of them that determines whether or not baby’s full radiance is able to incarnate. Aligning with the Great Mysteries of conception, pregnancy & birth protects the whole being of the baby and retains the vast consciousness of the newborn.

Pursuing the highest for our unborn and newly born babies is a goal for all humanity. When we awaken to how imperative birth is to our evolution, we will birth all babies softly."


Sunni Karll Sacred Birthing

My Story

I am mother to four amazing children, a daughter and three sons.  Each birth I've had myself, and every birth I have supported, has taught me so much.  It is such an honor to be invited into a birth space. It is an honor to be called to this sacred work.

As a birth keeper I support families to bring their baby in to this world in a gentle and sacred way.


I am also an advocate for intuitive motherhood as a peaceful and satisfying birth and parenting method, as well as an advocate for the building of metaphorical "villages" around the birth of a child.

I was called to this work because every mother deserves to have a supported birth. Every mother deserves a kindred spirit; a personal village; the help of a sister whose willingness to serve guides her every action.

I was called to this work so that I can support all women and encourage them to love their bodies, honor themselves and be fully present with their babies - for the strength of a mother is unmatchable, and coming to this realization is one of the best gifts my children have given me.

My services focuses on educating and empowering women in such a way that they come to realise they already know how to give birth, mother their children, and care for their families as a whole - but they must first learn to trust themselves and acknowledge their innate wisdom. As such, whatever you know your birth and postpartum preferences to be, I will support and guide you on your journey in a completely loving and unbiased way, because I believe that all birth is sacred.

I support births at home on the Gold Coast.

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