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Give the Gift of Placenta Encapsulation

Do you know a Mama who's pregnant during her birthday or the holidays? Or maybe you're looking for the ultimate baby shower gift, but you're thinking that among all the baby stuff, it would be nice to find something that's special just for Mum? ...Did you know that I offer the opportunity to purchase placenta encapsulation and other placenta services as a gift for birthing women? Giving the gift of placenta encapsulation is a wonderful way to nourish the birthing Mama with postpartum healing and wellness after her baby's arrival!

Those of you who aren't familiar with placenta encapsulation may be thinking, "What the heck?! How could this possibly be helpful?" I know... I've been in that place before, too, long before I was a birth worker. Over the years of supporting women and their families throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, I have witnessed the many great benefits that women receive from consuming their placentas postpartum. Most women report experiencing a reduction in baby blues, fewer hormonal fluctuations, increased milk supply, more energy, less 'foggy brain' feeling, decreased healing time, and emotional and physical balance and well-being. 

New babies bring lots of joy to families and also some challenges that are normal to the process of new parents transitioning into parenthood. As support people - friends, family and loved ones - we may already understand the challenges of this time from our own firsthand experiences with a new bundle of joy, or perhaps we want to be supportive and helpful, but we live far away or we're not sure what kind of help the new parents will need. However, we know that one thing is definitely true - when moms are nourished during their postpartum, they are more equipped to better care for and connect with their babies. Providing placenta encapsulation for a birthing Mum is a great way to support her, so that she can experience more ease and well-being in her postpartum transition into parenthood as she gets to know and learns how to care for her new little babe. What a wonderful gift to give her!

And the best part about giving the gift of placenta encapsulation, is that all you have to do is contact me to purchase a gift certificate to give her and I will take care of the rest! I offer full placenta encapsulation services that include time on-call ready to pickup the placenta at the birth location at the time of birth, full processing of the placenta and any add-on services selected, and delivery of the completed placenta goodies to the Mother within three days after her birth so she can start benefiting from her placenta right away. If you'd like, I'm also more than happy to include a special note from you to her when I deliver her placenta goodies.

You can find out about all of the placenta services that I offer, including the add-on services, here. If you have any other questions, or if you'd like to give your loved one the gift of encapsulation, contact me directly here.

Thank you for supporting your beautiful, birthing Mama!

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