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All the focus and excitement so far has been directed at your birth and bringing your new baby home.  But what about the birth of you, as new mother?

In traditional cultures, new mothers would have a support network of trusted and experienced women to nurture and care for them in the first sacred month after birthing their babies.  This would often include a ‘confinement' period.  This was a time for quiet healing, peace and nourishment. 

Despite the need for new mothers to receive this nourishment and care, our society pressures new mothers to recover quickly and move back out into the world of the everyday after a day or two.


Imagine feeling more nurtured and supported during your first days and weeks as new mother.  Imagine having a system of support that would accommodate this special period of rest and recuperation.  


Or, do you know someone who you feel would need extra support in this special time in a new mother’s life? 


This is where a Postnatal Doula steps in.

Free Initial Consultation

The postpartum support you choose to have must be the right fit for you. I offer a free consultation for us to meet to see if I am the person you want to support you in your sacred postpartum time.

As your Postpartum Support I can

  • Cook you nutritious TCM & Auyvedic meals to nourish your body and spirit

  • Help you prepare food for future use

  • Yoni steaming

  • Assist you with post-pregnancy belly binding, (if requested)

  • Light housework

  • Mind your baby while you have a nap or a bath 

  • Play with other children while you rest 

  • Teach you simple baby massage techniques to help with bonding with your new baby

  • Debrief your birth

  • Give you breastfeeding support

  • Connect you with new mother/baby service providers, as needed

  • Connect you with parenting groups

  • Homeopathic & Herbal remedies for postpartum healing 

  • Other services based on your personal needs, as discussed and mutually agreed.

postpartum support

Hourly Rate

I offer postpartum support on an hourly rate of $40 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours per visit.

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