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Here are links to wonderful practitioners you can use in pregnancy and postpartum

Kinesiology/N.O.T/Intuitive Healing 

Michaela Slancova

Inspiring Choices

07 5575 7281

Craniosacral Therapist

Anne Thistleton

The Baby Calmer



Dr Reza Samvat

Inspiring Choices


Jana Judd 

Hands on Health Chiropractic

07 5607 0711


Acupuncture, Pregnancy & Postpartum Services

Naomi Jansson

Australian Centre for Natural Medicine

07 5575 5300

Pregancy Massage

Laetitia Giovanna Holistic Massage

Pregnancy & Postpartum Teas and Tinctures  

Blissful Herbs

Birth Supplies


Amy Mingin

Lactation Consultants

Kerrie Adams


Tamika Newman

Birth Trauma Psychologists

Dr Erin Rowe

Clinical & Perinatal Psychologist

Dr Naomi Jama

Registered Psychologist

Centre for Perinatal Psychology

07 3832 7399

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